Sidi and Youthstream extend partnership for the future in MXGP!

Youthstream is pleased to announce that after a long and very successful partnership with Sidi Sport, both parties will continue working together after agreeing to another multi-year deal.

Sidi Sport and MXGP have worked together for many years, striving for a common goal of growing motocross all over the world, which Sidi have contributed towards, by providing their valuable support to the FIM Motocross World Championship riders.

In 2020, you can expect to see Red Bull KTM Factory riders, Antonio Cairoli and Jorge Prado wearing brand-new Sidi Atojo SRS boots, alongside Alessandro Lupino, Julien Lieber, Stephen Rubini and Alvin Ostlund, just to name a few. In addition, the brand is also supporting the WMX, EMX250 and EMX125 riders with their fantastic products.

The all-new Atojo SRS boot was introduced in EICMA in late 2019 and developed with the help of the nine-time World Champion, Antonio Cairoli. The name of the boot is dedicated to their three World Championship riders, Alessandro Lupino (A), Tony Cairoli (TO) and Jorge Prado (JO) that make up the name Atojo. The boot was designed to be light, sleek and give the rider excellent bike control.

Not only are Sidi boots worn by the best, the company strives to be the best, combining innovation with a half-century of experience, to produce its most advanced footwear designs that combine comfort without sacrificing safety and protection.

To view the entire Sidi range and to find out more about Sidi Sport and their work, follow this link:

Text/Bild: Youthstream