PM: MXGP of Latvia


The 2018 MXGP of Latvia is well underway from Kegums and joining in the action of the World Championship was the two FIM Europe classes of EMX250 and EMX125 presented by FMF Racing.

While the MXGP and MX2 classes are running their points paying races this afternoon the EMX riders started their championship racing Saturday and finished it up early today. Topping the overall standings was Honda Redmoto Assomotors Mathys Boisrame and KTM Junior Racings Rene Hofer!

A reversed track layout provided exciting racing both Saturday and Sunday in both classes but in EMX250 Race 1 on Saturday Estonia’s Karel Kutsar took the lead early and held it for the first 12 laps before Honda Redmoto Assomotors Mathys Boisrame took the premier position away.

Boisrame who started in 3rd also passed KTM Silver Action’s Gianluca Facchetti for second on lap 3 before overtaking Kutsar. BUD Racing Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Brian Moreau was running in 4th the first 2 laps but was passed by REVO Husqvarna UK’s Martin Barr and then Barr’s teammate Mel Pocock the 2 laps after that.

Team DIGA-Procross rider Dylan Walsh started in 7th but then battled with GL12 Racing’s James Dunn on his 2 Stroke KTM. Walsh originally took the spot as Dunn dropped 2 positions but the Brit and his 2 stroke mounted a charge to pass Walsh who finished 9th later on.

Dunn then came under pressure from Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory’s Mikkel Haarup but edged out the Dane to take 6th with Haarup 7th as Boisrame won over Kutsar and Facchetti.

Race 2 was a completely different race for Haarup who took the lead on the first lap and never looked back. Running in second the entire race was Pocock but behind him early was Ceres 71’s Paolo Lugana. However after only 2 laps Lugana starting dropping positions eventually finishing 24th.

Race 1’s winner, Boisrame started in 6th and battled with Martin Barr from the first laps. ASTES4-TESAR Yamaha’s Roan Van de Moosdijk was 4th on the first 2 laps but took over third from Lugana and held the position to the finish.

Facchetti who started the race 10th moved his way forward and on the last lap made a pass on Team Suzuki Germany’s Jett Lawrence for 5th. Also making a pass on the last lap was Barr on Boisrame for fourth in turn giving Barr the red plate over his teammate Pocock.

In the overall standings Boisrame took the win ahead of Haarup and Pocock while Martin Barr keeps the Red Plate to Matterley Basin.

EMX250 Race 1 Top Ten: 1. Mathys Boisrame (FRA, Honda), 29:27.086; 2. Karel Kutsar (EST, KTM), +0:01.467; 3. Gianluca Facchetti (ITA, KTM), +0:12.718; 4. Martin Barr (GBR, Husqvarna), +0:17.281; 5. Mel Pocock (GBR, Husqvarna), +0:23.385; 6. James Dunn (GBR, KTM), +0:25.242; 7. Mikkel Haarup (DEN, Husqvarna), +0:26.028; 8. Kevin Horgmo (NOR, KTM), +0:33.452; 9. Dylan Walsh (NZL, Husqvarna), +0:43.960; 10. Karlis Sabulis (LAT, Yamaha), +0:44.380.

EMX250 Race 2 Top Ten: 1. Mikkel Haarup (DEN, Husqvarna), 31:09.071; 2. Mel Pocock (GBR, Husqvarna), +0:10.195; 3. Roan Van De Moosdijk (NED, Yamaha), +0:15.207; 4. Martin Barr (GBR, Husqvarna), +0:16.476; 5. Mathys Boisrame (FRA, Honda), +0:18.357; 6. Gianluca Facchetti (ITA, KTM), +0:24.656; 7. Jett Lawrence (AUS, Suzuki), +0:30.023; 8. Kevin Horgmo (NOR, KTM), +0:32.075; 9. Isak Gifting (SWE, KTM), +0:35.430; 10. Jeremy Sydow (GER, KTM), +0:47.869.

EMX250 Overall Top Ten: 1. Mathys Boisrame (FRA, HON), 41 points; 2. Mikkel Haarup (DEN, HUS), 39 p.; 3. Mel Pocock (GBR, HUS), 38 p.; 4. Martin Barr (GBR, HUS), 36 p.; 5. Gianluca Facchetti (ITA, KTM), 35 p.; 6. Karel Kutsar (EST, KTM), 29 p.; 7. Kevin Horgmo (NOR, KTM), 26 p.; 8. James Dunn (GBR, KTM), 23 p.; 9. Isak Gifting (SWE, KTM), 22 p.; 10. Roan Van De Moosdijk (NED, YAM), 20 p.

EMX250 Championship Top Ten: 1. Martin Barr (GBR, HUS), 128 points; 2. Mel Pocock (GBR, HUS), 126 p.; 3. Mathys Boisrame (FRA, HON), 120 p.; 4. Dylan Walsh (NZL, HUS), 103 p.; 5. Giuseppe Tropepe (ITA, YAM), 85 p.; 6. Brian Strubhart Moreau (FRA, KAW), 85 p.; 7. Roan Van De Moosdijk (NED, YAM), 83 p.; 8. Mikkel Haarup (DEN, HUS), 81 p.; 9. Steven Clarke (GBR, HON), 81 p.; 10. Karel Kutsar (EST, KTM), 77 p.

EMX250 Manufacturers: 1. Husqvarna, 176 points; 2. Honda, 161 p.; 3. Yamaha, 142 p.; 4. KTM, 140 p.; 5. Kawasaki, 117 p.; 6. Suzuki, 30 p.

In the first race of EMX125 presented by FMF Racing it was Yamaha Europe EMX125’s Thibault Benistant who took over the lead from fast starter Emil Jonrup after 5 laps. Jonrup however would then lose 2nd to Raivo Dankers and 3rd to Rene Hofer before a big crash left him to finish 31st.

Dankers started to apply pressure to Benistant for the remainder of the race but couldn’t get by the young French rider. JD Gunnex KTM Racing’s Petr Polak came from 8th to 4th just beating out Yamaha Europe EMX125’s Jorgen-Matthias Talviku. Across the finish line it was Benistant who won over Dankers, Hofer, Polak, and Talviku.

Race 2 started out with Simon Laengenfelder leading and Polak chasing the Husqvarna rider. Meanwhile Race 1 winner, Benistant was off to a horrible start in 17th position and only managed to come back to 7th.

Rene Hofer started 5th but starting to make passes early before getting held up behind Polak for second. On lap 7 Hofer made his way past the Czech rider and only two laps later took over the lead from Laengenfelder.

At the finish Hofer took the race win and overall victory while Polak managed 2nd in the race after passing Laengenfelder which when combined with his 4th in race 1 earned him 2nd overall. Finishing out the 125 podium was Benistant with his 1-7 finishes. Hofer now leads the championship by 23 points over Benistant as the riders will now head towards Teutschenthal, Germany for the next round in one week.

EMX125 Presented by FMF Racing Race 1 Top Ten: 1. Thibault Benistant (FRA, Yamaha), 29:25.477; 2. Raivo Dankers (NED, KTM), +0:03.714; 3. Rene Hofer (AUT, KTM), +0:11.556; 4. Petr Polak (CZE, KTM), +0:28.407; 5. Jorgen-Matthias Talviku (EST, Yamaha), +0:48.396; 6. Simon Laengenfelder (GER, Husqvarna), +0:54.252; 7. Mattia Guadagnini (ITA, Husqvarna), +0:57.310; 8. Tom Guyon (FRA, KTM), +1:01.586; 9. Arvid Lüning (SWE, KTM), +1:02.118; 10. Raf Meuwissen (NED, KTM), +1:03.207.

EMX125 Presented by FMF Racing Race 2 Top Ten: 1. Rene Hofer (AUT, KTM), 30:19.530; 2. Petr Polak (CZE, KTM), +0:12.124; 3. Simon Laengenfelder (GER, Husqvarna), +0:16.821; 4. Arvid Lüning (SWE, KTM), +0:29.159; 5. Rasmus Pedersen (DEN, KTM), +0:32.202; 6. Lion Florian (GER, KTM), +0:35.450; 7. Thibault Benistant (FRA, Yamaha), +0:43.913; 8. David Braceras Martinez (ESP, KTM), +0:45.383; 9. Andrea Bonacorsi (ITA, KTM), +0:46.084; 10. Eddie Wade (GBR, KTM), +0:48.410.

EMX125 Presented by FMF Racing Overall Top Ten: 1. Rene Hofer (AUT, KTM), 45 points; 2. Petr Polak (CZE, KTM), 40 p.; 3. Thibault Benistant (FRA, YAM), 39 p.; 4. Simon Laengenfelder (GER, HUS), 35 p.; 5. Arvid Lüning (SWE, KTM), 30 p.; 6. Raivo Dankers (NED, KTM), 30 p.; 7. Lion Florian (GER, KTM), 22 p.; 8. Andrea Bonacorsi (ITA, KTM), 21 p.; 9. Eddie Wade (GBR, KTM), 21 p.; 10. Raf Meuwissen (NED, KTM), 20 p.

EMX125 Presented by FMF Racing Championship Top Ten: 1. Rene Hofer (AUT, KTM), 133 points; 2. Thibault Benistant (FRA, YAM), 99 p.; 3. Petr Polak (CZE, KTM), 88 p.; 4. Emil Weckman (FIN, KTM), 82 p.; 5. Tom Guyon (FRA, KTM), 72 p.; 6. Emilio Scuteri (ITA, KTM), 71 p.; 7. Raf Meuwissen (NED, KTM), 71 p.; 8. Raivo Dankers (NED, KTM), 67 p.; 9. Lion Florian (GER, KTM), 62 p.; 10. Filip Olsson (SWE, HUS), 54 p

EMX125 Presented by FMF Racing Manufacturers: 1. KTM, 147 points; 2. Yamaha, 99 p.; 3. Husqvarna, 93 p.; 4. TM, 15 p.;

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