Youthstream’s new partner 6D Helmets was welcomed to the series at the MXGP of Europe in Valkenswaard this last weekend. Just after the conclusion of the Qualifying press conference 6D’s CEO and Co-Founder Bob Weber along with Standing Construct KTM’s MXGP rider, Valentin Guillod, took the stage to present the newest innovations from the American based helmet manufacturer.

It was in 2013 when 6D released their first helmet, the ATR-1, which revolutionized brain protection with it’s Omni-Directional Suspension system (ODS). Now years later, countless hours of research and development have resulted in new revelations and superior helmet design.

6D’s newest product, the ATR-2 Helmet, was the focus and star of the presentation. The new ATR-2 helmet features an updated and advanced ODS system which allows 30% more travel between the liner and the shell to significantly decrease impact at low, mid, and high velocity accelerations. Another one of the new features is that of a replaceable EPS liner which allows a rebuild of the helmet after impact opposed to the traditional method of purchasing an entirely new helmet. Everything from the internals of the helmet to the geometry of the shell has been reconsidered and improved all towards 6D’s goal of producing the safest and most technologically advanced helmet on the market.

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Text/Bild: Youthstream

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