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Eager to build on a positive term in the 2022 FIM Motocross World Championship, Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing has taken a step forward and improved the team structure ahead of the new term. Jorge Prado and Simon Langenfelder earned bronze medals in their respective classes this season, whilst Mattia Guadagnini made big steps in the premier division, and have their sights set on achieving so much more in the not-too-distant future.

The knowledge underneath the Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing awning is only going to grow in the coming months. Claudio De Carli is set to oversee the on-track efforts at GASGAS, as well as KTM, in his new position as the Motocross Race Director. The success that De Carli has experienced in the Grand Prix paddock speaks for itself – he was heavily involved in Antonio Cairoli’s career from start to finish. Davide De Carli steps into the position of Team Manager at Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing and, in addition, Peter Tillerkvist’s set to become the team’s Technical Co-ordinator.

Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing will field the same three riders in 2023. Jorge Prado and Mattia Guadagnini (MXGP aboard MC 450F machinery) will be joined by Simon Langenfelder (MC 250F) beneath the team tent when the new season begins. The 2023 FIM Motocross World Championship calendar starts with the Grand Prix of Patagonia-Argentina on March 12.

Robert Jonas (Head of Motorsports Offroad): „Following a successful season in the FIM Motocross World Championship, it is brilliant that we have been able to make additional steps forward beneath the Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing awning. The GASGAS team consists of some of the most brilliant minds in the Grand Prix paddock and the riders will benefit from this for years to come. I want to thank all of the staff involved for getting behind the plan and how we will head into the world championship in the coming years.“

Claudio De Carli (Motocross Race Director): „Pit proposed this new role, reconstructing the motocross division in the KTM group. It is a real pleasure to be able to co-ordinate the job of two guys who have been under my guidance for years: My son, Davide, and Tony Cairoli. Davide has helped me in the past two years and I think that he is now ready for this new commitment. The group is ready to restart – we are already working here in Rome. We have a second base in Belgium, which is very important, and we are planning for the new season with great enthusiasm. I really want to thank Pit, Robert and the entire KTM group.“

Davide De Carli (Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing Team Manager): „I am super happy to be able to fill this position. It is an absolute honor! I have been working alongside my father for many years now and think that this is the perfect time to step up. I am motivated for the 2023 FIM Motocross World Championship and excited to work with the incredible people that I have by my side. We are a strong team and will bring home good results.“

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