The Motorcycle Federation of Russia, VDC „Orlyonok“ and the Yakhnich Motorsport Team were delighted to recently host the MXGP Academy international training and sport seminar for both instructors and athletes in Orlyonok, the venue of the MXGP of Russia, set to take place on April the 30th and May the 1st.

MXGP Academy coaches and coordinators Martin Van Genderen and Jan Postema traveled to Orlyonok to meet the President of the Russian Motorsport Federation Mr. Alexander Dzheus, the Vice President of the Russian Federation Nikita Tepper and Russian Federation member Evgeny Parshin. In additon FOX- Russia, Tatyana Savelyeva, Head of Yakhnich Motorsport Athletes department Nata Lubimova, Project manager and head of “Government cup” (Road racing) Ekaterina Rutskova, a group of professional translators, and the Russian MX-GP Academy certified trainers of Evgeny Mehaylov and Dmitiri Parshin attended the event together hosting specialists from various regions of Russia looking to get their official trainer certificate. 36 aspiring trainers were present and 27 riders from an 8 year old on a 65, to the older 85 and 125cc riders. At the conclusion event the FIM-E MXGP Academy database of trainers reached 123 trainers who can work within the system, located throughout 14 different countries.

On the first day of the seminar, the coordinator and coach of MXGP ACADEMY Martin Van Genderen informed Russian specialists about the development of a new system of classification of coaches and athletes, comparing it with obtaining belts of different colors in karate: ‚MXGP ACADEMY will train and improve the skills of professionals and motorcycle racers,“ Martin Van Genderen said, “As in the past year, such training will be conducted within the framework of the Russian stage of the Motocross World Championship in „Orlyonok“. The new system will lead to stronger motivation for professional development for both coaches and athletes. As if in a computer game, they will move from level to level, increasing their theoretical knowledge and practical skills.‘

The seminar covered theoretical apects as well as practical training on the track. At the conclusion of the theoretical training, Martin Van Genderen together with the President of the Motorcycle Federation of Russia and the Director of the VDC „Orlyonok“ Alexander Dzheus, a riding enthusiast himself, was very motivated and satisfied with the event, delivering the official certificates of coaching MXGP ACADEMY to the participants.

‚We have to raise the athlete discretely – step by step to teach him to be not just a good motocrossman, but to be able to control their physical training, eat right, interact with sponsors, have good relationships with their team and mechanics. MXGP ACADEMY teaches these simple truths. We also plan to hold a large seminar for mechanics, because now the level of our athletes is quite high, the technique is complex, and in Russia, unfortunately, there are few trained specialists, which also hinders the development of motocross. Motorcycles have difficult settings that depend on the type of track, weather, weight of the rider, and characteristics of riding technique. Motocross is a very complex and synthetic sport, which should include the work of people and professionals trained in the necessary competencies.‘ Alexander Dzheus commented.

Jan Postema eventually commented: ‚As Martin mentioned, we didn’t know what to aspect, but after a few hours I was convinced and impressed about the whole situation. The goal was to work on a basic training to start with and shift to higher level. Riders understood it so they enjoied the training as it was intended. We saw many smiles on faces.. and that was the most important after learning new skills.‘

‚The MX Academy team organized in close cooperation with the Russian Federation a perfect training for young riders and trainers as preparation to many activities and to the Russian MXGP‘ stated Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe First Deputy President. ‚In the long range of Countries and Federations Russia is now added to the list. FIM Europe thanks the Russian Federation for this initiative and for the invitation to this important activity‘.

The Russian Federation was very keen to support such initiative and the great passion they have in the sport is the key to lift up motorsports education in Russia.

Text/Bild: Youthstream

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